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For all women, by women.


Congratulations for taking the initiative to make the switch to organic period products! You are probably wondering, why should I switch to organic products? Well, just like us you most likely had no clue that the regular period products we are used to are filled with harmful chemicals that can cause unbearable periods, irritation and is linked to endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity and even cancer. 

We are here to restore your confidence in feminine hygiene products by providing you with 100% organic cotton period products free of harmful chemicals, plastics, synthetics and toxins.


Made with Organic Cotton

Biodegradable Backsheet

Made for Women, by Women

Without Dyes & Fragrances

Sustainably Sourced

Made with Non-Toxic Adhesive

About Us

At Vula, we believe that every woman deserves access to healthy feminine care products. Organic pads and panty liners for your period should be a household staple, not a top-shelf luxury. Our goal is to listen and serve women of all backgrounds.

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